Thursday, 5 January 2012

Faith My Prayer (Spiritual Poem)


Fill me with your faith, my only creator
Praying to you my knees are pleased to soar
For you are the one way, you are the light
Give me the faith to be yours day and night
My world is hollow as an abyss
Fill it with the faith that I know exists
To lift up mountains, to walk on the sea
Relieve sinful pains, not to deny thee
To heal the sick, to let the blind ones see
As faithful as fair weather is my plea
For we the world’s people, your creation
Faith is the life and the resurrection
My words true as the gospel that I breathe
My faith is not to see, but to believe
As faithful to be, as a liberal sun
Heaven is my place, faith will make me strong

                                  By Dwayne Lubin

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