Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Large-sized Business (Poem)

The large-sized business (you are not inferior)  

You are not a junior
You are not just lesser
Like a utility company
That provides electricity
Or a large hotel group
Within the business loop
You are not as weak as water
You are not lower
Employing hundreds of people
You are not secondary
You are not subsidiary
Because you are highly structured
With a Managing Director
And a Board of Directors all over
They say all of your tasks
Are not second-class
With functions performed by various departments
You are as strong as a wall
You are not menial
With each department dealing with a particular function
You are not subordinate
You are just great
With each person in your department a specialist
You are not tawdry
You are not shoddy
You are not mediocre
Not always feeling poor
You are not indifferent
Cheapness you don’t represent

                                    By Dwayne Lubin

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